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We provide you with a data-driven marketing technology & strategy. Emark provides you with a digital marketing strategy, a complete product roadmap and consultancy.
Marketing & Technology Strategy

Putting the customer front and centre should be leading in everything you do. To optimise marketing, sales and service interactions, it is important to understand what your customers value, and where, how, and why they interact with your brand. Emark can help you identify your touchpoints, utilize the right channels and deliver tailored, targeted solutions that drive value for your business.

We help you shape your multichannel marketing strategy, covering owned, earned and paid channels like email, mobile (sms/push), social and predictive intelligence.

Technology Services

The future of marketing is driven by technology, so picking the right tool for the job is crucial for your succes. We know the secret to selecting technology solutions that support your goals and needs. Therefore we can immediately help improve your current operations with quick implementations and use technology to drive your business forward while getting your team involved in exciting new marketing opportunities.

Emark delivers a tailored marketing platform configuration to get you up and running in no time. We also turn your data into actionable insights, implement journeys, set up social advertising and help you ensure a quality delivery of your messaging.

Enablement & activation

We like to get involved in activating and engaging your marketing team. Our dedicated team can set up onboarding programs to get your teams up to speed with new possibilities, tools and skills. By getting your team on the same track we help you achieve a higher return on investment.


We want you to have a deep understanding of your performance and how to drive more results of your marketing efforts. Emark connects you to the knowledge and tools to optimise your overall marketing performance. We will help you review your goals, organise audits and provide new insights.

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