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Blog | Ubbo Maagdenberg on Emerce How can you make your media spend more transparent? 

Our CIO Ubbo Maagdenberg took a critical look at it. Read the article here (article in Dutch only).

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News | Emark announces significant momentum, office expansion and new funding Emark today announced a significant momentum. Read the press release here.

Amsterdam, September 21, 2016 -- Emark, a leading marketing technology company based in Amsterdam, today announced significant momentum, including a record-setting year, office expansion and additional funding from a new investor. Emark is opening a new London office—a move to support the company’s growing workforce and EMEA business. In addition to the new London office, the company recently expa...

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Event | Emark is Gold Sponsor at E-Retail Europe We are glad to announce our presence as a Gold Sponsor at E-Retail Europe.

This one-day event will take place on Wednesday October 5 in Amsterdam at Hotel Casa 400. Learn all about new technologies, digital trends and advertising. What makes E-Retail Europe special is the exclusive guest list of serious professionals, the valuable community building, and a highly interactive format.E-Retail Europe is an invite-only event. The audience and the speakers are curated to brin...

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News | Emark launches new logo Motion, flexibility and growth. These 3 words were key when creating our logo.

It is inspired by a tangram, a traditional Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 pieces, the tans, in which you shape an infinite amount of figures. Several components (solutions) can form 1 figure (Emark). It symbolises the dynamics and flexibility of Emark.Emark: always in motionWe proudly present our new logo build from these tans. The components of the tangram are always in motion and can very endles...

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News | Emark opens third European office in London After establishing the first European office in Barcelona, Emark has opened a third office in London.

Emark believes that presence in London is more relevant than ever. The city has a leading position in implementing digital marketing technology in business processes. This booming market compensates the possible economical effects the imminent Brexit might have. The internationalization is part of Emark’s strategy to become one of the leading European companies in their line of business field with...

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